Sunday, March 28, 2010

I think I'll put a bid in right now!

I happened to be looking for a TV capture card the other day when I found this beauty:

That's right! A sweet 1983 vintage PC-XT with a 386DX upgrade! Just what I've always wanted! Oh wait. I used to have one. Now I realize that some people may collect these doorstops, but lets consider the benefits you get from purchasing this one:

Rare IBM PC 5160 Computer

Professionally Upgraded to Hauppauge 386

With Intel i386DX-25


Intel 80387DX-20

1-3 1/2" floppy

1-5 1/4" Floppy

4 Meg RAM

60 Meg Tosheba MK134FA1 Hard Drive

VGA Video Controller

Boots to MS-DOS 6.22 on Hard drive

takes std AT keyboard


std VGA Monitor

(not included)

This piece of history is clean inside & out, and will make a fine addition to your vintage computer collection.

So let me get this straight - it is upgraded, so thus not in original condition, doesn't include a keyboard or the monitor that is pictured with it, and you want $70 shipping on top of the $350 you are asking? What a deal! Or not.

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